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Which laser is right for you? Schedule a free consult to discuss which laser option is best for you!
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Sciton Lasers

Lasers are amazing skin-resurfacing tools that treat a variety of skin concerns, and when it comes to laser skin treatments, MOXI and HALO are two of the best! Add in the profractional laser and it can be overwhelming to figure out the best laser treatment to rejuvenate the skin and achieve your desired results!

Halcyon Med Spa offers all three laser options so whatever your skin needs, we have the right laser treatment for you!

Read on to compare how each laser turns back the clock on your skin to produce skin radiance & clarity. Meet with our team of professionals to discuss a laser treamnent plan.

Moxi™ by Sciton

The Perfect Complement to Any Skincare Regimen

Brighten & refresh your skin with Moxi. This treatment delivers non-ablative laser energy to correct the intital signs of sun damage, uneven skin tone + texture, and signs of aging. The gentle yet powerful 1927nm fractionated laser designed with everyone in mind. The newest favorite among the prejuvenation demographic, it’s ideal for patients who want to delay the appearance of aging or those looking to maintain beautiful skin with little to no downtime or discomfort. In a quick 12-15 minute procedure, Moxi comfortably delivers non-ablative laser energy to correct the initial signs of sun damage and aging—no matter the season or skin type—for a glowing and clear complexion. You will experience some redness and warming of the treated area for approximately 3-4 days after a MOXI treatment. Learn more about Moxi by Sciton.

HALO® Laser Treatments

HALO combines both ablative and non-ablative wavelengths to offer remarkable results!

A complete skin revitalization laser treatment. The HALO™ Laser uses a hybrid of ablative and non-ablative wavelengths to penetrate deeper into the skin to treat damage at the dermal level and one that treats at the surface of the skin. The HALO laser treats multiple levels of skin concerns, such as sun damage, fine lines, deeper wrinkles, and pore size in men and women of all ages. In addition to what MOXI can do, HALO can also target skin pignmented lesions, scars, facial redness and small veins. Reverse the signs of aging with optimal results and minimal downtime with Halo. To learn more about Halo by Sciton.

HALO has a slightly longer recovery period than MOXI. Since this treatment can be tunable to the patient’s specific concerns and has the ability to be more ablative, the downtime for HALO is approximately 5-7 days. During this time, patients can resume their normal routines and wear light makeup.

ProFractional™ Laser Treatments

Deep resurfacing. Deeper results.

The ideal treatment for scar revision, deep resurfacing, and healthy skin maintenance. Pro-Fractional treats a portion of the skin at a time, resulting in new collagen production and a dramatic reduction in texture, fine lines, deep wrinkles, and the appearance ofscars. ProFractional treats only a fraction of the skin and leaves the surrounding tissue intact, which promote rapid healing. This is unlike full-field resurfacing techniques that remove the entire surface area of a treatment site. From wrinkles to acne scars, scar revision, and more, a provider can customize ProFractional to address your unique skincare concerns. Learn more about Profractional Lasers by Sciton.


WHAT DOES THE MOXI LASER FEEL LIKE? Moxi is a non-ablative 1927nm wavelength that targets water within cells to work with the body’s natural healing processes for a gentle treatment with little-to-no downtime. MOXI is a very mild laser treatment that does not hurt. During a MOXI treatment, you may feel a slight prickling sensation on the treated area. Topical numbing cream can be used, but for most MOXI treatments, it is considered a very tolerable procedure that doesn’t require numbing.

WHAT DOES THE HALO FEEL LIKE, IS IT PAINFUL? HALO laser patients often report feeling mild to moderate heat with a tingling sensation in the treated area. We apply a topical numbing cream before the treatment to reduce discomfort. During treatment, most patients have expressed that they feel no discomfort, with some reporting mild discomfort. After your HALO treatment, we apply cold air or ice packs to calm the warming feeling on the treated area.

WHAT WILL MAKE THE TREATMENT EXPERIENCE BETTER FOR ME? Halcyon will include Pro-Nox to HALO patients if they want additional relief during treatment. Pro-Nox is a patient-controlled 50/50 mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen. Pro-Nox helps minimize anxiety and discomfort associated with nonsurgical treatments such as HALO laser skin resurfacing. Patient who choose to use Pro-Nox may drive themselves to and from their appointment.

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