Photo rejuvenation uses Intense Pulsed Light or laser light which is a revolutionary method to improve your skin’s texture, tone and overall appearance. This treatment uses a spectrum of light energy to destroy pigmentary changes in the skin, eliminate facial vascularities, reduce excess sebum production, and p.acne bacteria. IPL will help to promote collagen growth, and improve fine lines and wrinkles while restoring healthy vibrant skin. There is no down time following an IPL treatment, so you can enjoy your daily activities. During your IPL series, you will notice imperfections simply fade away. Starting at $250

IPL Photo Rejuvenation Pre & Post Treatment Instructions


Before IPL Photo facial Treatment

• Avoid use of Accutane for 6-9 months prior to treatment.
• Avoid tanning treatment area including tanning beds, spray tan, and sun for a minimum of six weeks.
• Stop use of exfoliants (including Renova, Glycolic Acid) on treatment area one week before treatment.
• Shave area closely before every treatment.
• Avoid makeup on area to be treated.
• You may not proceed with this treatment if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
• If you have a history of oral herpes, you must pre-treat with an anti-viral three days before your scheduled visit.
• Dermal fillers or other injectables should not be done within 2 weeks before treatment.
• Avoid chemical or mechanical irritants 1 week prior to treatment.

After IPL Photofacial Treatment

• You may have transient redness, swelling, itching and burning for a few minutes up to 48 hours. You may apply aloe vera or cold compress.
• Avoid direct sunlight. Use sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher.
• Do not apply makeup until redness has subsided.
• Avoid hot showers for 24 hours. Use cool water and gentle cleansers for 48 hours.
• Small scabs may develop over areas of pigmentation 24-48 hours following your treatment. Keep areas well moisturized and allow them to fall off on their own. This is an expected occurrence with IPL.
• Avoid use of exfoliants for one week after your treatment.